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    From my heart and from my hand
    Wwhy don’t people understand
    My intentions, Ooh, wweird science!

    (yer a wwizard, eri). Eridan palette meme for num.12

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    continuity done right

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    Brushie Brushie Brushie [x]

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    First Katsucon set ♥

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  13. So I'm sick and tired of seeing posts about Rabidauthor




    Every now and then this girl comes up on my dash and I’m just so done.


    Yeah, she’s an okay cosplayer, and she’s got some talent, but I CANNOT get behind her message.

    She says she wants to be a “Positive Role Model in the plus size cosplay community” but I’m SORRY. You’re trying to promote a…

    Does this mean I’m famous now? 

    XD Dude, I’m sorry the people on your dash like my posts. I guess you need to find more bigoted feeds? 

    You’re not famous, just gross.

    It’s funny because Alana and I have worked together as stage fighting partners and she’s actually in shape and capable of a lot of physical activity. So that kind of takes the legs out from under your hate table right there. This kind of “concern” based shaming is really useless because she doesn’t need your “concern.”

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my new life motto tbh




    my new life motto tbh


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    random god tier sketches because bored <__>

    headcanon god tier sollux has bumblebee wings

    also fuck poses kljkljlterteertdfd

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